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Got Gardening Questions?

Visit or call the Hotline
Wednesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 1-4pm

Call: 530-538-7201

Or drop by: The Butte County Cooperative Extension Office
2279-B Del Oro Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965

You can also catch us in person at local farmers markets or at one of our information booths. Check out where we'll be on the Events page.

Help Us Help You

You never can tell what's at the root of the problem. Below are some questions we may ask when you call:

  • Name of plant
  • Age of plant
  • Soil type (loam, sandy, clay)
  • Current watering methods (drip, sprinkler, hand)
  • Frequency of watering
  • Sun exposure
  • Evidence of insects or other damage – check on both sides of leaves
  • Recent changes that may effect the plant (watering, fertilizing)

Samples and photos related to your question are strongly encouraged. Drop them by the office any time, or email them to:
In the subject put: Attention Master Gardeners

Include a description of the problem.

What’s Hot Now?

by Randy Swett

What are those strange looking bumps on the roots of my tomato plants?

mulching mower
Root knot nematodes are small (0.01-1.0 inch) galls that form on tomato roots. These galls can interfere with the flow of water and nutrients to the plant which can make them less vigorous and yellowed when compared to healthy plants. Control by using nematode resistant tomato varieties and rotating with non-host crops like black eyed peas which are resistant to some root knot species.  

See the UC IPM guidelines on Root Knot Nematodes for more information.


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