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Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley
Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley
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Center for Forestry at UC Berkeley

Pilot Creek Falls (University Falls)

Description of Falls

Pilot Creek Falls (a.k.a University Falls) are undeveloped wildlands overseen by UC Center for Forestry. As with all Center for Forestry lands, VISITORS ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK, and access may be restricted or prohibited at any time. Motorized use and camping are strictly prohibited.

Several issues and hazards exist:

- The route leading to the falls passes through public and private lands. Land surrounding the falls is PRIVATE. The trail to the falls is undeveloped and can be hazardous.

- Getting to the falls involves a 5.4 mile round trip along dirt roads and an unimproved trail. The elevation change is 1200 feet and involves a steep ascent.

- Several injuries and fatalities have occurred. Many of these injuries have occurred on the fourth falls, although every fall can cause injury. Slippery rocks and the slippery trail have also caused injuries.

- Water may be unsafe for drinking and swimming from upstream contamination.

- Emergency response may take 2 or more hours. There is no cellular reception at or en route to the falls.

- You may be responsible for financially reimbursing emergency response services.

- All open flames and camping are strictly prohibited.

- Street side parking is limited. Illegal parking (in Quintette or across white lines) can lead to your vehicle being cited and likely towed at your expense.

- There are no restrooms or garbage service at or along the route to the falls.

Several local and legal alternatives exist:

Stumpy Meadows Reservoir (swimming, boating)- 5 miles east on Wentworth Springs Road

Rubicon River at Elicott's crossing (swimming, rocks, hiking)- 12 miles East on Wentworth Springs Road, 4.5 miles north on 11 Pines Road.

Bassi Falls (water falls)- 20 miles East on Wentworth Springs Road, 9 miles South on Ice House Road



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