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Harbors & Severe Weather Planning

On-Site Resources:

Coast Guard Severe Weather Tips for Boaters and Dock Owners Tips for anchoring and mooring (standard and marina) from the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, San Diego. This is a reprint of an article in the Fall 1997 Tidelines newsletter.

Severe Weather Planning for Marinas, Boatyards & Yacht Clubs
Help plan your Severe Weather SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for your marina, boatyard, or yacht club.

Off-Site Resources:

National Weather Service

Resilient Coastal Communities & Economies (National Sea Grant Initiative)

Port of San Diego

San Diego Bay/Harbor Police - Mooring, anchoring, launch ramps, marinas, fuel docks, boat repair & parts, customs, harbor police, international trade/maritime operations

California Association of Harbor Masters and Port Captains
- Objectives are: To exchange information relative to construction, maintenance, operation, regulation, enforcement, administration and management, pertaining to boats, marinas and harbors.To formulate policies and plans to standardize and establish uniformity in operation and management of marinas and harbor facilities and to recommend to various marinas or harbors represented in the Association, the adoption thereof.To promote and encourage development of marinas and harbors along sound management, environmental and economic lines, and to assist wherever and whenever possible, any group or individual, whether private or governmental, in the development of new marinas and/or harbors.

Pacific Coast Congress of Harbor Masters and Port Managers - PCC's membership includes ports and marinas in the U.S. states of Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia, as well as supporting industry-related businesses. Objectives are: To exchange information on all aspects of harbor and marina operations.To recommend policies to establish uniformity in all aspects of harbor and marina operations. To promote and encourage the development of marinas and harbors in a sound and economic manner.

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