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Mosquito Fish

A Brief Lesson...

Mosquito fish are small species of fish that dwell in fresh water. They feed primarily on mosquito larvae and are extremely useful at controlling mosquito populations in any standing water sources. However, mosquito fish can out-compete native species of fish and aquatic wildlife for food. So, they should never be placed where they can escape to natural water sources. The western mosquito fish is Gambusia affinis and the eastern mosquito fish is Gambusia holbrooki.


For more information or to find a Mosquito Fish pick-up location, please visit the County of San Diego website.

Things to Remember...

  1. Bring a container big enough to hold the fish you need without crowding them.
  2. Allow air space above the water.
  3. Place a lid on the container.
  4. Handle the fish gently
  5. Immediately take them to the site and release them.

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