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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation

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The video above is the first episode of a six-part documentary series from Conservation Agriculture Cropping Systems Innovation (CASI). In the videos, farmers, UC researchers and industry leaders explain how no-till and minimum-till agriculture, and overhead precision irrigation, can lead to higher irrigation efficiency, increased profitability and greater resource conservation. Find links to all segments at the table of contents.

Conservation agriculture news

First-ever pivot-irrigated processing tomatoes near Walnut Grove!
Posted 5/14/2018 - June 25, 2015 Michael Boparai, a farmer who recently bought two center pivot irrigation systems and installed them on his farmland near the Delta area town of Walnut Grove, invited a diverse group of private sector and UC Cooperative Extension...

New UCD PhD student, Geoff Koch, who is working with Will Horwath on San Joaquin Valley Healthy Soils Program effort. UCD student begins CDFA Healthy Soils Program project in San Joaquin Valley!
Posted 5/4/2018 - May 4, 2018   Geoff Koch, a brand new PhD student in the Department of Soils and Biogeochemistry at the University of California, Davis, working with soil scientist, Will Horwath, and CASI Cooperative Extension partners, Jeff Mitchell and Dan...

No-till transplanter used for establishing tomatoes in sorghum, garbanzo, and cover crop residue.  Five Points, CA.  April 23, 2018. No-till tomato transplanting April 23, 2018 in Five Points, CA
Posted 5/3/2018 - May 3, 2018 A short video showing no-till tomato transplanting into sorghum, garbanzo and cover crop residues is now available at the You Tube link - .  This experimental activity took place in the longstanding NRI...

UCD cover crop water use study team.  (L to R) Jeff Mitchell, Samuel Sandoval-Solis, Sloane Rice, Anna Gomes, and Alyssa DeVincentis UCD Undergrad, Anna Gomes, Shares Research on Tradeoffs of Cover Crop Water Use in NRI Project Study!
Posted 5/1/2018 - April 27, 2018    Anna Gomes, a senior student in Agricultural Education at UC Davis, presented the research project that she is working on at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference that was held on the UC Davis campus on April...

Down on the Farm with Tom and Denesse Willey
Posted 4/24/2018 - January 5, 2018 KFCF 88.1 FM Fresno   The hour-long “Down on the Farm with Tom Willey” radio program for January 5, 2018 is now posted at our CASI website.  In this segment of Tom's monthly program, he is joined by his farming...

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Conservation agriculture at work

No-till cover crop seeding into cotton and tomato residues.

Conservation tillage innovators

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser - 2017

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser - 2017

Kaisers of Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastopol, CA recognized as CASI 2017 Farmer Innovators!

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