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Delta Crops Resource Management
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Delta Crops Resource Management

SJC and Delta Field Crops Blog

  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results

    Added November 7, 2017
    Table 1. 2017 UCCE Field Corn Variety Trial Results

    The results of the 2017 UCCE Delta field corn variety trial, located on Tyler Island, are shown in Table 1 (below). Three replicate blocks of fifteen varieties were planted on May 9th by air planter. The trial was planted almost two weeks later than the...

  • Small Grains Variety Trial Results Available

    Added October 5, 2017
    Figure 1. 2017 Common wheat

    Fall has arrived, and for many crops, this means that it is harvest season. For small grains, however, the season starts anew. The UC Davis small grains variety evaluations are conducted across the state, including a site in the Delta. The results of...

  • UCCE Delta Corn and Sorghum Field Meeting

    Added September 18, 2017

    The UC Cooperative Extension Delta Corn and Sorghum Field Meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, from 10:00am to noon, on Tyler Island in Sacramento County. The agenda is pasted below and attached. The attached version includes a map and...

  • Kearney Alfalfa and Forage Field Day

    Added September 5, 2017

    The annual Alfalfa and Forage Field Day at the UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center (9240 S. Riverbend Ave., Parlier, CA 93648) will take place on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Registration begins at 7:30am, and lunch is offered at...

  • Field Crops - Blog Articles of Interest

    Added August 28, 2017

    Here are a few articles, written by UC Cooperative Extension colleagues, that may be of interest to readers of this blog: From the UC Rice Blog: Armyworm vs. High Temperature Blanking - by Luis Espino,...

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