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Poster and pamphlet for weedy rice identificaiton in California New Weedy Rice Materials for the 2017 Season
Posted 6/25/2017 - Over the past year, weedy rice has become a top issue in California rice, both for individual growers and for the industry as a whole. Working together, the University of California Cooperative Extension and the California Rice Commission have come...

Mexican sprangletop that has already set seed (about 20 days after rice seeding) Some Weeds Ahead Of Rice This Year
Posted 6/22/2017 - I went out on a few farm calls in the past week, and have noticed a trend. Due to the unusually wet weather this spring, some of the weeds are already producing seed out in the field! This occurs when the field was moist or wet in the spring, and was...

IMG 5433 Armyworms Are Back
Posted 6/21/2017 - I have received reports of significant defoliation due to armyworms from several areas: Glenn, Colusa, Butte and Yolo counties. In most areas the defoliation is severe but the area affected within fields still small. I inspected a field in...

Week6 Armyworm Monitoring 2017 - Week of June 19
Posted 6/20/2017 - Moth numbers have increased since the week of June 12, specially in the Colusa trap. The degree day model predicted worms in the fifth instar by June 22; I'm starting to receive  reports of worms in Colusa, Glenn and Butte counties. Keep your...

Week3 Armyworm update week of June 12
Posted 6/12/2017 - The number of moths trapped has increased in all locations, except in the North Sutter one (which was already high to begin with). In most fields the rice is still in the three to five leaf stage. In the Colusa and Glenn fields I was able to observe...

Growing Rice in the Delta

See this handout for variety and fertility guidelines.

Growing rice in the Delta


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