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IMG 4721 2 copy Weedy Rice Update 2017
Posted 11/14/2017 - The 2017 season kicked off with much fanfare regarding weedy rice. Thanks to the vigilance of the entire rice industry, the UCCE Rice Advisors received many calls regarding weedy rice, starting in late June, as growers finished their herbicide...

IMG 5515 Stem Rot
Posted 9/11/2017 - In the past two years, I have received several reports of fields suffering yield loses due to stem rot. Last year I saw several affected fields. This year, I am starting to get reports of fields being affected. I visited one such field last week. After...

IMG 3193 Armyworm vs high temperature blanking
Posted 8/25/2017 - I was evaluating armyworm injury in plots and noticed there was quite a bit of panicle blanking not caused by armyworms. When armyworms injury panicles, they feed on the rachis of panicle branches, causing those branches to dry out....

Participants head to the field to view plots (2016). Photo by Dana Dickey 2nd Annual Rice Weed Course 2017
Posted 8/23/2017 - The 2nd Annual Rice Weed Course will take place:  Friday, September 15, 2017 from 8:30AM to 4:25PM (Registration begins at 7:30AM) at the  Hamilton Road Field (on West Hamilton Rd. between Hwy. 99...

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 2.57.32 PM Stink bugs on rice
Posted 8/16/2017 - For two years in a row I have received a report from a PCA in Yuba County of conchuela stink bugs on rice. This is very unusual; I have never seen these stink bugs on rice before, and I'm not very familiar with them. A quick on-line search shows...

Growing Rice in the Delta

See this handout for variety and fertility guidelines.

Growing rice in the Delta


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