Inyo-Mono Master Food Preserver Program
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Inyo-Mono Master Food Preserver Program

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What are Master Food Preservers?

The University of California Cooperative Extension provides information and training on food safety and preservation through its Master Food Preserver program. Master Food Preservers are volunteers trained by the University of California in approved food preservation methods and food safety standards. Volunteers are certified to answer questions, present demonstrations and workshops, and develop educational materials, publications, and web resources on all aspects of home food preservation, including canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and preparing jams and jellies. 

The Inyo-Mono Master Food Preserver program was established in 2014, with its inaugural class graduating in May. We aim to hold instructor trainings every two years. To find out more, please see Become A Master Food Preserver or send an email to

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