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UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program

Nutrition News K-12

A quarterly newsletter to help teachers and administrators be aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their students. (English only)

Issue Articles  
Fall 2017

Great Job Teachers!; National School Meal Programs Provide Important Daily Nutrition; Classroom Rewards; Program Opportunities

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Spring 2017

Making Healthy Choices the Easy Choices; Creating a Physically Active Classroom Atmosphere; Break Time...Keep Moving!; Program Opportunities

4/5/17 Download
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Winter 2017

Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity; Creating Commercials for Healthy Foods; Program Opportunities


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Fall 2016

Snacks - Good for Everyone; Activities - Wiggles and Fruit Salad; Sports Drink - A Healthy Choice?; Promote Healthy Eating; Program Opportunities

9/2/16 Download
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Spring 2016

Nutrition Education Doesn't End in the Classroom; School Wellness Policy; Sleep is Critical to Children's Health; Program Opportunities

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Winter 2016

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines; Physical Activity - Zero In; The Guidelines and Key Recommendations; Program Opportunities

1/21/16 Download
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Fall 2015

Promoting Healthy Classrooms; Physical Activity - The Classroom Workout Circuit & Quick Draw; Rewarding Students; Program Opportunities

9/11/15 Download
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Spring 2015

It's Just a Soda; Activity - How Much Sugar are You Drinking?; Sports Drinks, Flavored Water, and Energy Drinks; Program Opportunities

4/14/15 Download
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Winter 2015

Gluten-Free=Healthy Eating...Really?; Activity - Space Jam; Recess, Kids' Favorite Subject; Program Opportunities

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Fall 2014

New School Year, New Curricula; Activity - Breakfast, How Important Is It?; Smarter Lunchrooms; Program Opportunities

9/19/14 Download
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Spring 2014

Academic Success Through the Garden; Activity-Ziplock Greenhouse; Add Flavor to Your Foods (English and Spanish); Program Opportunities; Letter and Survey

4/23/14 Download
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Winter 2014

Getting Healthy in 2014; Activity - Whole Grain Word Search; But It's Just a Cake; Program Opportunities

1/9/14 Download
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Fall 2013

Smart Snacks in Schools; Food Riddles; Dairy Foods - separating Facts from Myths; Program Opportunities

9/18/13 Download
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Spring 2013

Here's Why Mom Said, "Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables"; Powerhouse Word Search; Smart Shopping for Veggies and Fruits; Program Opportunities

4/24/13 Download
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Winter 2013

Caffeine - It's Not Just in Coffee Anymore; Physical Activity - MyPlate Ball Toss; Kids and Sleep; Program Opportunities

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Fall 2012

Promoting a Healthy School Environment; Physical Activity - Choose Your Move;Make the Switch to Fat-free or Low-fat Milk; Program Opportunities

9/13/12 Download
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Spring 2012

USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines Message Center; Nutrition Activity - Sugar Sleuths; Kids and Sugar Sweetened Beverages; Recipe - Citrus Cucumber Infused Water; Program Opportunities

4/9/12 Download
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Winter 2012

New Reporting Forms; Did You Know? Kids and Nutrition Facts; Nutrition Activity - Whoa!! That's a Lot of Sugar!; Physical Activity - Tidel Wave; Portions are Increasing - Whate the Big Deal?; Program Opportunities

1/12/12 Download
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Fall 2011

MyPlate - Helping Us Eat Healthier; Physical Activity - Classroom Stretches; Gardening-Space Invaders; After School Snacking - Keep It Safe; Program Opportunities

9/15/11 Download
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Spring 2011

Weight Stigma and Kids, Nutrition Activity - Steps to a Healthier Me, Updates and Sharing, Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies, Recipe - Chopped Rainbow Salad,
Program Opportunities

4/28/11 Download
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Winter 2011

Coming Soon: Healthier School Lunches, Physical Fitness Activity - MyPyramid Moves, Updates and Sharing, I'm Thirsty - What to Choose, Program Opportunities, Newsletter Evaluation

1/21/11 Download
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