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Hand Washing Lessons with Germie the Germ Bug

After applying an "special" lotion, students placed their hands under the black light. Germie showed “glowing” spots on hands where germs were hiding. Students then reexamined their hands after washing.     

Students at Cirby Elementary (shown above) were surprised when they saw highlighted spots where germs stuck around even after they had washed their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. One student stated, "But I did a really good job!"

Hand washing lessons were taught in classes from preschool to 5th grade in all participating schools and included other activities such as The Contaminated Sandwich food safety awareness skit that can be viewed here or on the Let’s Eat Healthy! Program website under Educational Videos.  Show The Contaminated Sandwich to your students to see if they can find the 7 food safety mistakes!

A volume of the Food Safety newsletter was handed out for parents to obtain additional information on food safety practices. View and subscribe to the Food Safety Update quarterly newsletter here to learn more about the importance of hand washing and other food safety topics.


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