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UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program

Making a Difference

Burrito Time and Growing Muscles

The Let’s Eat Healthy! Program has been in Placer and Nevada Counties schools since the fall of 2001. Over the past 16 years, UC CalFresh Community Education Specialists have taught nutrition lessons and provided research-based hands-on curriculum to qualifying schools in Placer and Nevada Counties. During the 2010-2011 school year thirteen elementary schools and 22 Preschools will be participating in the program.

Each classroom receives an introductory lesson at the beginning of the school year and a review lesson in the form of a game in the spring. Many fifth-grade students have received lessons since they started preschool!

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What teachers say about the Let’s Eat Healthy! Program

• I integrate the program whenever I can.

• This program has made students aware of why we encourage healthy food choices.

• Students love the lessons.

• The program continues to be outstanding.

• This program supports our nutrition unit and physical activity program.

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Teachers tell us how they have made nutrition a part of their teaching day:

• I make sure to incorporate nutrition into other subject areas.

• Every week I have a lunch bunch. I bring fruits and vegetables to share.

• We now all wash our hands before snacks and lunch.

• The food bank donates food and we analyze it before eating.

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• We make healthy choices for our party treats.

• I remind my students to make healthy choices at snack and lunch time.

By working together with the schools, Let’s Eat Healthy! is making a difference. As one teacher said, “My students and I love this program! Having the “Nutrition Lady” launch the program is encouraging. Having her come back ensures that I follow through with the lessons. We are all making better choices.” Another said, “It’s easier to talk about healthy food because we have a common language.”



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