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A new year and a new garden filled with roses

January 10, 2005
Charlotte Torgovitsky

A Rose By Any Other Name …

September 8, 2008
D.F. Braun

An Aussie plant perfect for Marin gardens, too

March 05, 2011
Marybeth Kampman

Aussie love affair keeps blooming

May 21, 2011
Gail Mason


January 15, 2003
Euser, Barbara

Berry bushes can bring splash of color in winter

December 21, 2013
Nanette Londeree


February 23, 2003
Euser, Barbara

Ceanothus: a Blue Gift for your Garden

October 9, 2006
Julie Monson

Coaxing My Wisteria to Flower

October 6, 2008
Marilyn Geary

Colorful plants from Australia do well in California

October 3, 2009
Katie Martin

Conifers' gifts continue after the holidays, too

December 26, 2009
Nanette Londeree

Coyote Bush

November 17, 2003
Euser, Barbara

Drought isn’t only problem impacting conifers

May 14, 2016
Wendy Irving

Flannelbush, named for John C. Fremont

September 29, 2003
Martin, Katie

Flowering trees, plants add color in bleak winter gardens

January 2, 2009
Martha Proctor

Form and function of trees

September 25, 2010
Nanette Londeree

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree):An Outstanding Ornamental Tree for the Domestic Garden

June 5, 2006
Julie Monson

Growing shrubs and small trees in containers

February 19, 2011
Julie Monson


January 23, 2006
Jane Scurich

Heavenly Bamboo Lives up to its Name

June 23, 2008
Julie Monson

How to choose a qualified arborist

November 13, 2015
Martha Proctor

How to keep your roses rosy

June 18, 2016
Nanette Londeree

How to Protect Your Oaks

November 11, 2002
Flynn, Julia

How to stop fire blight from infecting your apple, pear and quince trees

November 6, 2015
Anne-Marie Walker

Hoyas and other nostalgia plants

May 31, 2004
Torgovitsky, Charlotte

Hydrangea How-tos!

November 28
Martha Proctor


February 7, 2005
Jane Scurich


August 19, 2000
Reiffenstein, Kathy

Hydrangeas: Prune for Maximum Flowering

January 1, 2007
Julie Monson

If your stately oak tree could talk

May 17, 2014
Marie Narlock

Japanese Maples in your Garden

April 4, 2005
Julie Monson

Japanese maples require little but offer color and more

January 08, 2011
Julie Monson


December 8, 2002
Euser, Barbara

Keep it simple - plant self-cleaning roses

August 23, 2013
Nanette Londeree

Knock, Knock—Who’s There?

June 16, 2008
Janice Austin

Knowing when to prune is key to healthy plants

October 30, 2015
Juliana Jensen

Leavesare more than fall color

November 26, 2011
Martha Proctor

Magnolias in Marin

July 24, 2006
Marilyn Geary

Native shrubs create a visual anchor in landscapes - fast

November 7, 2009
Jennifer Kinion

Not your grandmother's hydrangeas

September 10, 2011
Jane Scurich

Picking the right tree for the job

February 1, 2014
Marie Narlock

Plant your bare root fruit trees now

January 1, 2016
Wendy Irving

Planting Under Oaks

May 12, 2001
Euser, Barbara

Plumbago—A Gardener’s Dream

November 17, 2008
Martha Proctor

Promoting Growth- A Springtime Rose Feeding Schedule

February 28, 2005
Annie Spiegelman

Proper pruning of wisteria produces a plethora of blossoms

October 24, 2009
Julie Monson

Prune apricot and cherry trees soon, but hurry

August 27, 2016
Martha Proctor

Pruning trees in summer has its benefits

July 13, 2013
Dave Phelps

Rabbit Food for Roses?

April 9, 2007
Nanette Londeree

Redwoods can be challenging obstacle

March 6, 2010
Marie Narlock

Rose Care

May 10, 2003
Spiegelman, Annie

Rose Pruning Basics

January 01, 2008
Nanette Londeree

Rose Time

January 1, 2004
Whelan, Maryrose


February 3, 2001
Agro, Maggie

Roses Are My Weakness-Winter Rose Care

January 24, 2005
Annie Spiegelman

Roses get a bad rap as fussy divas needing extra care

Nanette Londeree

Roses in January

January 2, 2012
Barbara J. Euser

Royal Companions

July 2, 2996
Nanette Londeree

Saving drought stressed trees

September 18, 2015
Barbara Robertson

Shrubs do much more than block undesirable views

December 19, 2015
Nanette Londeree

Size matters when it comes to conifers

December 19, 2014
Dot Zanotti Ingels

Specimen trees bring beauty and interest to garden

November 5, 2011
Barbara J. Euser

Sudden Oak Death Update

March 3, 2007
Julie Monson

Testing roses is serious, but what results!

January 30, 2009
D.F. Braun

The Australian Invasion

September 15. 2003
Bentley, William

Tree & Shrub Gardening for Northern California

June 16, 2003
Euser, Barbara

Vines add charm, shade, interest

November 5, 2016
Nanette Londeree

What to look for when buying bareroot roses

December 31, 2007
Nanette Londeree

Why I choose Choisya: The evergreen shrub with everything

April 30, 2007
Julie Monson
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