Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program
Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program
Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program
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Nevada County 4-H Youth Development Program

All Star

All Star Ambassador

All counties in California have a County 4-H All Star or County 4-H Ambassador program for senior members. Since both names refer to the same thing, the term "All Star 4-H Ambassador" shall be used as the statewide term to refer to both. All Star 4-H Ambassadors are the ambassadors of the 4-H program in a county. As an ambassador, the All Star 4-H Ambassador visits other 4-H clubs; reaches out to other organizations within the community; and attends and participates in the 4-H State Leadership Conference, 4-H County meetings, State or Sectional 4-H meetings and events, and other activities as outlined by each individual county.

Typically, the All Star 4-H Ambassadors plan their own program within the established guidelines. Their "Plan of Action" includes planning and leading a county event, field trips, visiting clubs, participating in Council meetings, presenting the 4-H program to other agencies, etc. All Star 4-H Ambassadors act as visible 4-H members - role models for their fellow 4-H members, their county, and their world. 

Must be a senior member, at least 14 years of age or in the 9th grade, as of December 31st of the program year.

Have achieved the Gold Star rank. 
Junior/Teen leader for more than one year. 
Been involved in county 4-H events within the last two years.

State 4-H All Star Handbook


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