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Coordinator Groups

Coordinator groups are composed of an Adult coordinator and an Adult assistant coordinator, a youth Member Junior coordinator, Member Medalist, Resource people, and other individuals interested in planning, organizing, and conducting programs in the group's area of interest.  Assignments are made by Council Executive Committee.

The organization of the groups and programs developed by them are flexible! In some instances youth members may be carrying adult coordinator responsibilities, especially where openings appear in the listing of coordinators.  Generally, these Junior Coordinators are County Representatives in the 4-H Awards program, but not always.

The Coordinator group's primary concern is that the members have a common interest in further developing the 4-H program in general and in their particular area of interest.  Complete agreement on methods and procedures is not expected but coordinator group members are expected to discuss controversial items, reach decisions, communicate with each other, and provide information concerning group activities via the 4-H newsletter to the total membership.

Coordinator groups are generally involved in activities related to their project interest.  Major Countywide activities include:

  • Publicity for the group
  • Youth Fairs - Organize, set up, and conduct
  • County and District Fairs - Assist with displays and shows
  • Demonstrations - Encourage participation
  • Medalist Selection - review records, arrange interviews, make recommendations to the Executive Committee

Horse Coordinator Group

Horse Qualifying: Tammi Clader,

Sheep Coordinator Group

Tina Pourfathi, or (916) 303-6901

Karin Sinclair, or (916) 803-1777

Small Animals Coordinator Group

Johnna Humber, (530) 878-0733

Lee Bastein, (530) 633-9046

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