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Placer County 4-H Sheep Coordinator Group

What is the Sheep Coordinator Group?


The Sheep Coordinator Group is a countywide group that’s goal is to bring together both youth and adults within 4-H and beyond to learn about lambs and sheep. From general care, showmanship, and preparation for the Placer County Fair or Gold Country Fair, all the way to learning about the sheep industry and care of a larger herd. Agricultural knowledge and education surrounding lambs and sheep is vast. The Sheep Coordinator Group strives to educate youth and adults in a well-rounded way to be fully prepared for showing sheep, but also understanding local livestock farming in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.  

How do I get involved in the Sheep Coordinator Group?

The Sheep Coordinator Group meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. at the Sinclair Family Farm. Located at 7375 Callison Road Penryn, CA. In addition to monthly meetings, the Sheep Coordinator Group puts on several Sheep Field Days per year. Karin Sinclair and Tina Pourfathi are the Project Leaders of the Sheep Coordinator Group, and are always excited to answers questions and give additional information about the opportunities within the Sheep Coordinator Group. You can contact Karin or Tina at the following:

Karin at or 916-803-1777

Tina at or 916-303-6901

Sinclair Office Number at 916-663-0303

What types of activities or events does the Sheep Coordinator Group do?

Activities and events that go on with the Sheep Coordinator Group are varied and are dependent on the meeting or event taking place. Youth may be learning how to clip hooves, give vaccines, or participate in a sheering activity, etc. For the most up-to-date information please contact Project Leaders Karin or Tina.


The time to support youth in agriculture is now. Placer County 4-H is incredibly excited for the development of the Countywide Sheep Coordinator Group. This group will guide youth and help them be the next generation of leaders for Placer County, the foothills, and beyond in agriculture and more! Thank you for your interest and support in the Sheep Coordinator Group.

To get more information and stay up-to-date with the Sheep Coordinator Group, please check out and like us on Facebook!

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