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4-H Hats

The 4-H Hat is a source of pride in the California 4-H program.  Currently, we are the only state to have a 4-H Club Hat.  Many members use a hat to place their achievement pins, and to wear during animal showing at fairs.  A 4-H Hat is NOT required for membership in 4-H or for participating in any 4-H activity, event, or meeting.


  • Each county may have modified these to fit the county.

Stars, Stripes, and Medals:

  • Left side of hat: All Star, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze stars in front (Members may 'cascade' their stars or wear only the current star).  Behind the stars are placed the Jr/Teen Leader emblems, and after that the HI 4-H Patch.  These patches are only worn while the members is serving as a Junior or Teen Leader.  Please see pictures below for samples.
  • Right side of hat: A year stripe and a year pin is earned for each year completed in 4-H.
    • Junior and primary members (13 years old and younger) wear a white stripe on green background for that year.
    • A Jr Leader wears a gold stripe on green background for that year.
    • A Senior Member (14 years old and older) wear a green stripe with a white background for that year.
    • Teen Leader wears a gold stripe on white background.
    • All Stars wear a purple strip on white background

Year pins are fastened to the hat above the stripe, staring with the first year pins next to the 4-H clover.  the 100% attendance pin, if earned, should be fastened to the hat below the strip of the year that the pin was earned.

Medals may be warn on either side of the hat, but it is recommended that they are on the left side of the hat.

No other pin or ribbon should be war on the hat other than 4-H.  The hat should reflect the dignity of the 4-H program.  Some items that should not be worn on the hat include buttons, fair medals, convention badges, or other regalia.

Hat Left Side
Hat Right Side
Hat Left Side 2
Hat Right Side 2
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