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4-H Uniforms

4-H Uniforms are not required to participate in any 4-H activities.  However, fairs may require 4-H members to wear a uniform while exhibiting their projects at fair events, for example, at the Junior Livestock Auction, or County, District, and State Fair events. 

The uniform is made up of the following garments:

  • Official green 4-H hat branded with the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the 4-H clover logo mark. 
  • A plain white shirt with a collar. Any length of sleeve, including sleeveless is acceptable. Alternate Casual Uniform: For casual events, members may wear their club or county t-shirt, without the hat, provided that t-shirt has the proper use of the 4-H emblem according to the California 4-H Branding Toolkit.
  • Members have a choice of bottoms, appropriate to the event or activity, as specified in the California 4-H Dress Guidelines.
  • OPTIONAL: A traditional 4-H tie or scarf worn with the collared white shirt. The tie and scarf are both worn under the collar. Both boys and girls can wear either the scarf or the tie.


4-H members are likely to wear uniforms to club meetings, county 4-H events and contests, during 4-H presentations, during selection interviews, or when representing 4-H in some way in the community.

* Components of the 4-H uniform are available for sale at the Placer 4-H office.

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