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Be A Project Medalist

Are you keeping records of your club and/or project activities? Are you planning on submitting your Record Book to your club for evaluation? Why not consider submitting you Record Book to the County office for consideration, too?  You will have the opportunity to attend Medalist Selection where you can share with other 4-H members and adults what you have learned in your project area.  

After submission and selection as a Project Medalist, you will become a member of a project coordinator group which plans county-wide activities in your project area. Any regular member (not a clover-member) may submit their record book for evaluation in the Medalist Program.

The purpose of the Medalist evaluation and selection is two-fold: it should recognize 4-H members for their achievements, as well as their willingness to continue their learning and to share skills with others.  Selection to the medalist group should serve as an incentive to improve and to inspire each to "Make the Best Better!"

The objectives of the County Medalist and Coordinator Group Program are to:

  • Recognize and promote growth and development of the individual member
  • Recognize and promote member contributions and achievement in a specific subject area
  • Recognize and promote cooperation, collaboration, and citizenship
  • Recognize and promote creative and innovation in problem solving
  • Build self confidence and give a member a sense of achievement and satisfaction
  • Provide opportunities for each member to show their achievements through written and oral communication

Check the 4-H Calendar for further information.

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