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Priority Areas

Selection of priority areas. 10.13.10
Selection of priority areas. 10.13.10
In the fall of 2011-12, the Youth Commission established three standing committees to create a clear means to address community issues. When topics of interest arise, they can be referred to the appropriate standing committee for further research and recommendations. Specific subcommittees can be formed under the broader standing committee. Subcommittees are recommended when a project arises that requires a focused team for planning and implementation. 

The three standing committees are:

  1. Health and Wellness (Chair Adit Kothari – that may fall under the realm of this committee may include but are not limited to physical health, mental health, substance use, diet and exercise, disease prevention, access to care, etc. 
  2. Youth Futures (Chair Ian Utz – that may fall under the realm of this Committee may include but are not limited to education, after-school opportunities, enrichment, mentoring, employment, training, etc. 
  3. Vital Communities (Chair Reed Klaeser - that may fall under the realm of this Committee may include but are not limited to transportation, housing, environment, community planning, justice, parks and recreation, public services, cultural opportunities and the arts, citizen empowerment, community relations, etc.

Current areas of interest for standing committees:

  • Health and Wellness created the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Subcommittee (Chair Brandon Barry – The Substance Abuse Prevention Committee aims to reduce the incidence and toll of youth substance use in Placer County. The Youth Commission approved a partnership with the Coalition for Placer Youth (CPY) to research and implement strategies. Current projects include overseeing and funding youth produced public service videos with the goal of reducing underage drinking. The committee is also interviewing law enforcement and researching policies that may help combat underage drinking.
  • Youth Futures is researching how the Youth Commission could increase youth involvement in volunteer opportunities by better awareness of opportunities and the benefits of getting involved.
  • Vital Communities is researching options on how to help Placer County citizens not just recycle but to cut down on generation of waste (source reduction).

Throughout the year Commissioners and Ambassadors plan activities, events, research projects, to create positive change in the community. Standing committees and subcommittees are open to all youth and adults in Placer County. We encourage you to get involved by joining one of these subcommittees. If you would like more information or are interested in being a committee member, please contact us at (530) 718 -0049 or Or join us at one of our Subcommittee Meetings which are generally held at the Rocklin library.

Youth Emotional Health Well Being

Youth Substance Use Prevention

Environmental Conservation

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