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These publications provide useful information for managing annual and perennial crops during drought:

Strategies for Reducing Water Use and Crop Stress (2014) (PDF)

Strategies for Reducing Water Use in Vegetable Crops 2014 (PDF)

Strategies for Reducing Water Use in Citrus (PDF)

Helpful Links:

UC Drought Management Website 

Placer County Resource Conservation District Rural Conservation Program provides landowners and managers with water efficiency information, including soils information and low impact practices.

Nevada County Resource Conservation District

CIMIS Irrigation Resources 

Wateright: Irrigation Scheduling

Irrometer Soil Moisture Monitoring Tools (Tensiometers & matrix blocks)

NRCS: Soil Moisture by Feel  (PDF)

Drought Assistance Programs

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides funding to farmers and ranchers who use conservation practices: NRCS Drought Assistance Programs (PDF)

The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) provides emergency funding for farmers and ranchers impacted by drought. For more information: ECP for Drought Assistance (PDF)

For Commercial Producers needing to apply for more water once the percent decrease is decided upon: NID Application for Drought Hardship (PDF)

December 2014 Drought Workshop Info

Click on the files below to view materials from the Nevada Irrigation District, the Placer County Water Agency and UCCE Placer-Nevada:

NID Drought Update 12-8-14 (PDF)

PCWA drought presentation 12-8-14 (PDF)

Drought Impact Reporting presentation (PDF)

Rainfall and Forage info 12-8-14 (PDF)

Drought Impacts and Mitigation Strategies for Crops 2014 (PDF)

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