Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
Invasive Shot Hole Borers
University of California
Invasive Shot Hole Borers

Diagnosis and Management

Ongoing research is currently pursuing treatment options for PSHB and Fusarium Dieback. Accurate identification of symptoms, containment of the current infestation, and preventative measures are also key to slowing the spread of the beetle.




Common signs and symptoms of PSHB - see examples of attack on dozens of host trees

Lookalike Pests

Learn about other common pests on PSHB host trees, and how to tell them apart from PSHB


Options for managing a PSHB/FD infestation

Wood Disposal

How to handle infested trees or branches once they have been removed



Help us keep PSHB from spreading to uninfested areas

Commercial Avocado

Resources for commercial avocado growers



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