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University of California

About Us

California’s RREA program takes an integrated approach to educational outreach. Outreach groups include range and forest landowners, government agencies, interest groups, and policy makers. The most critical environmental issues targeted by this program include:

• Conservation and enhancement of wetlands/riparian resources
• Endangered species/biodiversity
• Atmospheric pollution/global climate change
• Erosion/nonpoint source pollution
• Water quality/quantity

These issues require integrative approaches from diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.

Through the limited federal funds allocated to RREA, we leverage the research results using our Cooperative Extension delivery network.

Cooperative Extension, the principal outreach arm of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, includes approximately 130 specialists on the Berkeley, Davis and Riverside campuses, and about 200 county academic appointees, or advisors, in the state’s communities.

The results of this delivery system, featured on this Web site in the stories of California’s landowners, demonstrate the continued success of the original vision for the public university system “on behalf of the people.”



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