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University of California

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RREA California Program Director 

Wendy Powers, Associate Vice President, UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources 1111 Franklin St., 10th Floor Oakland, CA 94607, Phone: (510) 987-9033

Administrative Contact

Melanie Caruso, Research Administrator, ANR Program Planning and Evaluation, 2801 Second Street Davis, CA 95618-7774, Phone: 530-750-1254

2017 (FY2018) RREA Technical Advisory Committee

Scott Oneto, Farm CE Advisor and County Director, Central Sierra Cooperative Extension

Maggi Kelly, Director, ANR Statewide IGIS Program and CE Specialist, ESPM - Ecosystem Sciences, UC Berkeley 

Khaled Bali, Irrigation Water Management CE Specialist, UC Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center

Leslie Roche, (Chair) Rangeland Management CE Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

Larry Forero, Livestock and Natural Resources CE Advisor and County Director, Shasta County Cooperative Extension

Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Area Fire CE Advisor, Humboldt County Cooperative Extension


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