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Beekeeping in San Diego County

Laws & Policies

County of San Diego

County of San Diego Bee Ordinance (PDF)

Honey Bee Protection Program (Website)
(County Agricultural Commissioner/Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures)

State of California

California Laws Pertaining to Bee Management and Honey Production (PDF)
(California Department of Food and Agriculture)

Licensed Pest Applicators

County of San Diego Bee Protection Practices Agreement for Avocados (PDF)

California Code of Regulations Pertaining to the Protection of Bees (PDF)
 - regulations managed and enforced by the CA Department of Pesticide Regulation
(California Department of Food and Agriculture)

How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides (PDF)
(Pacific Northwest Extension)

Insurance - Liability

Beekeepers and those who foster beehives (allow others to keep beehives on their property), should check with their own property and/or business insurance companies regarding liability issues and insurance coverage pertaining to beekeeping and related activities.

Municipal Ordinance Codes Pertaining to Bees

Carlsbad (Chapter 7.12 Bees and Apiaries)

Chula Vista (6.04.100 Beekeeping permitted when)

Coronado (32.20.020 C.  Livestock, fowl, bees.)

Del Mar

El Cajon (Beekeeping prohibited)

Encinitas (4.04.020)

Escondido (Sec. 17-14 Keeping of bees)

Imperial Beach

La Mesa (8.04.040 Keeping of bees)

Lemon Grove (18.16.060 Exotic animals and beekeeping)

National City (Chapter 8.34 Beekeeping)


Poway (17.08.110 (J) Permitted and conditional uses – Animal and agricultural uses).

San Diego (Chapter 4: Article 4: Division 4 - Beekeeping)

San Marcos (Check with Director of Planning: SMMC 20.415.C and D.3, Table 20.415-2)

Santee (17.10.030 Residential use regulations)

Solana Beach (Table 17.20.040-A: Animal Regulations, Residential Zones- states apiaries not allowed in residential zones)

Vista (Chapter 6:16 Bees)

Jurisdiction Finder

Map Information and Tools

This map was designed by the County of San Diego Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures to show locations that are in unincorporated and incorporated areas. It is for informational purposes only.

Map Tools

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This site provides education and outreach to the public and beekeepers to protect public safety within San Diego County in response to the the new apiary ordinance. The site has been developed by the University of California Cooperative Extension - Farm and Home Advisers Office in San Diego County with support from the San Diego County - Agriculture, Weights, and Measures Office.

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