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Scientists search for an odor Asian citrus psyllids cannot resist
Posted 10/31/2014 - UC Agriculture and Natural Resources scientists based at UC Riverside are honing in on odors that might lure Asian citrus psyllids into traps, and other odors that will keep them away from citrus trees, reported Mark Muckenfuss in the Riverside...

Edema (oedema) in Citrus
Posted 10/30/2014 - Edema may be caused by any agent that stimulates an abnormal increase in the size and number of a group of inner cells. Edema can be induced by (1) spraying with some chemicals such as ammoniacal copper carbonate in an oil emulsion, (2) injuries...

New(ish) registrations for glufosinate herbicides in California orchard and vineyard crops
Posted 10/29/2014 - For the past couple of years, an important postemergence herbicide active ingredient, glufosinate-ammonium, used in orchards and vineyards has been in pretty short supply (see my earlier post about Rely 280 scarcity).  This was largely due to...

California Weed Science Society 67th Annual Conference
Posted 10/29/2014 - Conference Announcement: California Weed Science Society

City of Davis pest management seminar
Posted 10/27/2014 - The City of Davis is hosting a pest management seminar Thursday morning at the Veteran's Memorial Theater. Is this too grim for my opening slide (the day before Halloween)?

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