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Please join us in welcoming our newest member of the #CalNat program team, Sarah Angulo! Sarah is the new Davis-based UC Agriculture & Natural Resources Community Education Specialist for Central California and the Sierra, serving as the primary point of contact for our partners in this region. Sarah comes to us with a strong background in environmental education, having taught California natural history to kindergartners through adults at the tide pools of the Sonoma Coast and Santa Cruz redwood forests, all the way through gold country to the snowy Castle Peak at Donner Pass and Mono Lake’s high desert. A UC Santa Cruz Natural History Field Quarter alum and a certified California Naturalist herself (Sierra Streams Institute, 2016), Sarah brings so much to our program! Out of the office, she volunteers leading backpacking trips every summer for the Sierra Club California, and is Northern Chair Elect on the California Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education - AEOE board. She hopes to soon crack open her brand new Jepson manual and discover the gems of the Central Valley!

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How might scientists, particularly those working in cooperative extension who interact with California communities every day, approach the issue of climate change differently? UC Agriculture & Natural Resources's Faith Kearns and Clare Gupta explore relational theory and tools across disciplines to build capacity for engagement on climate change between scientists and communities.

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Registration is open for the spring 2018 Sierra Streams Institute #CalNat course. This 10 week survey course covers the geology, ecology, water science, and biology of the Sierra Nevada and will be held at their new home at the Woolman Campus. Due to popular demand, this year they are reserving several spaces and adding even more great training for the K-12 educators who participate, ensuring that this experience is available for the region's teachers. Each year the course fills quickly so please share with your network today! March 7-May 16.

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Have you been working to address the threat of climate change? Tell us your story! UC California Naturalist is working with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help populate the new Climate Adaptation Clearinghouse by capturing authentic experiences of all Californians as they deal with a changing climate. Please share your story by February 16, 2018.  View full details here

Expanding access to the California Naturalist community: we've launched a scholarship fund! Read all about it here

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Check out our new Partner Story Map: find a class or an organization near you! 



New California Agriculture article on CalNat Director Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation


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