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The mission of the UC California Naturalist Program is to foster a diverse community of naturalists and promote stewardship of California's natural resources through education and service. 

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Lovely rainy week for North Coast amphibians! We counted at least 13 newts (red-bellied newts, Taricha rivularis and rough-skinned newts, Taricha granulosa granulosa) and one Foothill yellow-legged frog (Rana boylii) on the trail during a short jaunt through Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve. Its is estimated that California and red-bellied newts can live as long as 30 years!

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Great to learn what Congressman Jared Huffman has been doing to help recover salmon in the North Coast. Here he is with a big embrace for #Calnat. Adina Merenlender had a nice chat today with the Congressman about the 7 CalNat courses in the 2nd District and the great things CA Naturalists are doing statewide.

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New UC Green Blog: Feeling welcome in nature is essential to caring and wanting to learn more. #CalNat2016 conference summary. 

Hot off the press: “Evaluating environmental education, citizen science, and stewardship through naturalist programs” examines data from California and Virginia naturalist programs to understand participant motivations, barriers, and perspectives as well as the actions they take to advance science, stewardship, and community engagement. 

New California Agriculture article on CalNat Director Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation

Time's Flaming Arrow: Read about journalist Mary Ellen Hannibal's CalNat immersion experience in the HuffPost Green Blog.


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