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New article!

Fertilizer Management in Containers:
What to do after/during all the winter rains!

Don Merhaut, Extension Specialist for Nursery and Floriculture Crops, UC Riverside

There are a couple of housekeeping items that need to be addressed in early spring for container production, especially because of all of the rain that we have had in California.  Since the rains have leached many water soluble nutrients from the containers, nutrient deficiencies in the initial flushes of vegetative growth that occur late this winter and early spring may not receive adequate nutrients.

To read the entire article, click on the link below to download it.
Fertilizer Management in Containers Merhaut


FALL 2016 Newsletter

(Volume 20, Issue 3)
Newest edition!


Our Fall 2016 newsletter issue focuses on scouting and is the second part of a multi-part series on IPM.   

Use of scouting as a pest management practice by California nurseries
Now available: Publication by Bill Matthews examining the economics of scouting. This study was a joint project with the Agricultural Issues Center and UCNFA, funded by a CDFA Specialty Crops Block Grant. 

Select ABC's workshops are now online!
UCNFA online presentations in both English and Spanish can now be accessed online.

We hope you find value in these educational presentations and we look forward to offering more in the future!  

Open House Ratings Dayflower trials photo

To see pictures of previous events and some of our featured plants, visit our Facebook page: 
Full reports of previous trials results can be viewed here: http://ccuh.ucdavis.edu/Projects/plant-trials.

Nursery manual cover
Now available from the ANR catalog for $40.00 per copy

UC Container Nursery Production and Business Management Manual 

Irrigation Uniformity Worksheet (Excel file will download)
Having an efficient irrigation system is key to managing water resources under drought conditions. Click on the link above to download this Excel worksheet developed by Loren Oki and Darren Haver of UC Cooperative Extension. This worksheet will calculate the distribution uniformity of an irrigation system when measurements of the water volume captured in catch cans is entered.

New light brown apple moth (LBAM) resources
from Steve Tjosvold and Neal Murray, UCCE Santa Cruz County
Field Identification Guide (PDF)
Scouting and Field Identification Video (13:10)

Online Tool for Best Management Practices for Multiple Pests in California Nursery and Floriculture Operations

Need continuing education credits for your license or job?
Find information at these links below:

DPR Continuing Education Info
CCA Continuing Education Info
LA Irrigated Lands Group Info
LA Regional Water Quality Control Board Conditional Waiver Info
Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Conditional Waiver Info
San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board Conditional Waiver Info


Upcoming Events:



2017 California Nursery Conference
Irvine, CA
July 27, 2017

2018  California Nursery Conference
Monterey, CA
June 2018.  Dates to be determined


ABC's of Plant Pathology
February 16, 2017
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
Parlier, CA
English Session
Spanish Session

ABC's of Plant Pathology
January 31, 2017
Center for Applied Horticulture Research
San Marcos, CA
English Session

2016 California Nursery Conference
(presentations posted)
October 25, 2016
Watsonville, CA

ABC's of Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition
September 29, 2016
Ventura, CA
Spanish Session

ABC's of Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition
September 28, 2016
Ventura, CA
English Session

ABC's of Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition
Carson Center, CA
August 22, 2016
(English Session)

ABC's of Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition
Carson Center
August 23, 2016 
(Spanish Session)

ABCs of Plant Pathology Workshop
June 30th, 2016
Ventura, CA
Spanish and English sessions

March 15, 2016
Sacramento, CA
Spanish and English sessions


Any questions about upcoming or recent events?
Email Loren Oki lroki@ucdavis.edu


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