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Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day: Participant Registration


 Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day


Registration Closes Friday, March 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Sign up here to register as a presenter for the
2018 Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day

March 24, 2017, 8:30 a.m. - 130 p.m.
Argonaut High School, Jackson, CA

Participant Information

The 4-H Presentation Manual (2016) is the consistent and standard guide for all 4-H presentations and will be used by the Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day.

 For the complete California 4-H Presentation Manual - Click Here!



Any 4-H member (9 years old and above) who has been awarded a gold medal in a county competition may compete with the same presentation (and the same presenters) for which the medal was awarded.

No presenter substitutions in team members are allowed for any category. Presentations must be given with the same individuals as qualified at a county event. So if a team presentation qualified, then it must be given as a team presentation at the Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day. For example, if one team member cannot attend the Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day, that then prevents the other team member from giving the team presentation. The only exception is the Share the Fun category where a team can still present even if they are missing individuals (they cannot add new individuals).

4-H members may give only one presentation at the Central Sierra Sub-Area 4-H Presentation Day along with one Share the Fun skit.
**You may only register for one Presentation, if you received gold in more than one presentation you must chose one to participate at the Central Sierra Sub-Area.**


Presentation Information


List of Team Members

Each team member must fill-out their own registration as well.

Special Accommodations or Requests

Each room has a table, easel, outlets, and projector, so there is no need to request these. Members are responsible for a laptop computer and a music player if their presentation requires these.


It is the policy of the University of California (UC) and the UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources not to engage in discrimination against or harassment of any person in any of its
programs or activities (Complete nondiscrimination policy statement can be found at Inquiries regarding ANR’s nondiscrimination policies
may be directed to John I. Sims, Affirmative Action Compliance and Title IX Officer, University of California, Davis, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA
95618, (530) 750-1397.

Participant Volunteer Registration

Room hosts play a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition between presentations and making sure a participant is not disturbed during his or her presentation. An orientation will be held the morning of the event. Typical duties of a room host include; help participants set up and take down their materials, introduce each participant, monitor the door, and keep the room quiet. Room hosts need to be 11 years or older and are not required to be participants. An orientation will be held the morning of the event.


Room clerks help the day run smoothly and keep an ongoing supply of evaluation sheets for the tally room insuring the event stays on schedule. Clerks need to be 9 years or older and are not required to be participants. An orientation will be held the morning of the event.


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