Jams & Jellies - Calaveras
Calaveras Senior Center
Contact: UCCE Master Food Preservers - 209-223-6482
Sponsor: UCCE Master Food Preservers-Amador/Calaveras

Join us for this 3-hour introductory class that takes you through the process of making and canning jams and jellies. We will discuss in detail the key ingredients: fruit choices, sugar and alternative sweeteners, the importance of lemon juice, and the role of pectin as a thickening agent. Step-by-step demonstrations will include preparing the fruit and other ingredients, followed by making a freezer jam and two canned jams using boiling water and atmospheric steam canners. You will leave this class with several recipes and the knowledge and skill to safely can jams, jellies, and other fruit spreads in your own kitchen.

Save a seat: Register for this free class at http://ucanr.edu/apr13_mfpclass. (Walk-ins welcome)

Location: Calaveras Senior Center, 956 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas