Stephen Edberg

Strategic Communications
2801 Second St.
Room 158 F
Davis, CA 95618-7779
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Information Technology



Programming, Databases

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Peer Reviewed

  • BC, Meyers; SS, Tej; TH, Vu; CD, Haudenschild; V, Agrawal; SB, Edberg; H, Ghazal; S, Decola (2004). "The Use of MPSS for Whole-Genome Transcriptional Analysis in Arabidopsis." Genome Res 14(8): 1641-53.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Kozik, Alexander; Edberg, Steve; Pande, Barnaly; Caldwell, David; Lee, David; Kleeburg, Travis; Chen, Fallon; Michelmore, Richard (2005). High-Throughput Mapping Pipeline Of EST Based Sequences On Lettuce Genome. Genetic Map Validation, Visualization And Web Presentation. Plant & Animal Genetics 13 Conference. January.
  • BC, Meyers; DK, Lee; TH, Vu; SS, Tej; SB, Edberg; M, Matvienko; LD, Tindell (2004). "Arabidopsis MPSS. An Online Resource for Quantitative Expression Analysis." Plant Physiol 135(2): 801-13.
  • Sudarshana, Padma; Edberg, Steve; Nydam, Marie; Kozik, Alex; Knapp, Steven; Michelmore, Richard (2002). CompositDb: The Compositae Genome Database. Plant & Animal Genetics 10 Conference. January.

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