Dr. Randy A. Dahlgren Ph.D.

Professor   Pedologist   Soil Mineralogist-AES
Soils & Biogeochemistry Program
University of California
3134 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 752-2814
radahlgren@ucdavis.edu Create VCard

Also in:
Hydrology Program


Randy is a professor of Soil Science and Biogeochemistry in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. His research program in biogeochemistry examines the interaction of hydrological, geochemical, and biological processes in regulating surface and ground water chemistry. He is currently involved in water quality research spanning the scale from hillslopes to small headwater catchments (<10 ha) to the combined Sacramento-San Joaquin watersheds. Randy received his Ph.D. and M.S. in forest soils from the University of Washington and his B.S. in soil science from North Dakota State University. He was a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University before coming to UCD in 1989. He has served as Chair of the Hydrologic Science Graduate Group, vice-chair in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. He is currently director of the TMDL Research and Technical Support Program for the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers and director of the Kearney Foundation of Soil Science mission on “Understanding and managing soil-ecosystem functions across spatial and temporal scales.”


Biogeochemical aspects of pedology-interactions of biological, hydrological and geochemical processes in natural and managed environments; processes and products of mineral weathering in the soil environment

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