Update Your Profile

How to Update Your Profile

Please take a few minutes to establish or update your profile, including discipline.

  1. Conduct a search for yourself by name in the UC ANR Directory: https://ucanr.edu/About/DirectorySearch/
  2. If you do not find yourself, please notify Chris Hanson Christopher.Hanson@ucop.edu or (510) 987-0628.  If you *do* find yourself, proceed to step 2.
  3. Visit the "Edit Personal Information" page in the upper right side of the UC ANR Portal.  You will be required to log in if you are not already: https://ucanr.edu/portal/modules/dirpersonal.cfm. If you don’t have or use the UC ANR Portal contact Chris Hanson Christopher.Hanson@ucop.edu or (510) 987-0628.
  4. Enter your title, specialty, discipline, and contact information and  press the "Save and Continue" button.
  5. Review your changes on your public profile (Search for yourself again and then click your name to view your public profile).
  6. Have a nice day.