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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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John Borba

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4-H Youth Development Advisor
Cooperative Extension Kern County
1031 South Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93307
(661) 868-6216
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Lewis, K.M.; Bird, M.; Borba, J.;, Nathaniel, K.; Schoenfelder, E. (2017). Teen staff experiences in California 4-H camps. 2017 American Camp Association Research Forum Abstracts (pp. 19 - 21).


M.S. Human Resources, Chapman University. 1997


Youth STEM programming for after-school programs, camping and outdoor education, youth leadership.

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Peer Reviewed

  • Smith, M; Meehan, C; Borba, J (2014). "Bio-Security Proficiencies Project for Beginning Producers in 4-H." Journal of Extension 52(6)
  • Bird, M; Coutellier, C; Borba, J; Dixon, P; and Horowitz, M (2010). Counselor-in-Training: Encouraging Youth Development Outcomes at Camp. Martinsville, IN, American Camp Association.
  • Carlos, R; Borba, J; Heck, K; Nathaniel, K; and Sousa, C (2009). "Survey explores teen driving behavior in Central Valley, Los Angeles high schools." California Agriculture 63(4): 208 - 214.
  • Borba, J.; Bird, M.; Brosnahan, A.; George, J.; Schmitt-McQuitty, L.; Thomas, J. (2007). Beyond Evaluation: Findings from the California 4-H Camp Evaluation: A Report from the California 4-H Camping Task Force. University of California. 2007.
  • Lauxman, L.; Astroth, K.; Dickson, D.; Lindstrom, J.; Saito, r.; Baker, R.; Webb, L.; Olson, G.; Jacobson, R. (2001). Western 4-H Institute: Preparing the 4-H Professional for Success. 11. 2001.

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