New UC studies outline costs of producing common dry beans in the Sacramento Valley

Oct 29, 2014

Two new cost and returns studies for growing common dry beans, single cropped and double cropped, in the Sacramento Valley are available from the University of California Cooperative Extension.

The studies focus on production costs in the Sacramento Valley -- Colusa, Sacramento, Solano, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba counties. The two different studies show production costs for growing beans under furrow irrigation on 30-inch beds single cropped, including lima (baby, vine and bush types) and blackeye beans; and double cropped, including light and dark red kidney, canario, large white navy, black turtle, cranberry and miscellaneous varieties.

Each analysis is based upon a hypothetical farm operation using practices common to the region. Input and reviews were provided by farm advisors, researchers, growers, farm accountants, pest control advisers, consultants, and other agricultural associates. Assumptions used to identify current costs for individual crops, material inputs, cash and non-cash overhead are described. A ranging analysis table shows profits over a range of prices and yields. Other tables show the monthly cash costs, the costs and returns per acre, hourly equipment costs, and the whole farm annual equipment, investment and business overhead costs.

These two studies - "Sample Costs to Produce Beans-Common Dry Varieties-Double Cropped in the Sacramento Valley" and "Sample Costs to Produce Beans-Common Dry Varieties-Single Cropped in the Sacramento Valley" - and other sample cost of production studies for many commodities can be downloaded from the UC Davis Agricultural and Resource Economics Department website, Some archived studies are also available on the website.

For additional information or an explanation of the calculations used in the study contact Karen Klonsky at (530) 752-3589, or Don Stewart, (530) 752-4651,

The studies were prepared by Rachael Long, UC Cooperative Extension advisor, Sacramento, Solano and Yolo counties; Mark Lundy, UC Cooperative Extension advisor, Colusa, Sutter and Yuba counties; Karen Klonsky, Cooperative Extension specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis; and Don Stewart, staff research associate, Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Davis.

By Don Stewart
Author - SRA Ag Issues Center