UC Ag Experts Talk: Soilborne Pathogen Management in Southern California High Value Crops
Contact: Petr Kosina (pkosina@ucanr.edu)
Sponsor: UC Ag Experts Talk
Oleg Daugovish, UCCE Ventura County. The presentation will focus on management of soil pathogens, weeds and environmental changes in soil impacting crop performance. Specific topics will include: bio fumigation with plant-derived products for lettuce and celery, disinfestation of soil for strawberry production with fumigant and non-fumigant technologies (fumigant optimization, steam, ASD, cultivar resistance, etc.) and integration of multiple strategies.

Register for this webinar at https://ucanr.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Ydbg6TkrRDW5P78x7gVkKA

One DPR CE unit (other) and one CCA CE unit (IPM) were requested.