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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

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  • Californians must adapt their lives to fire

    Added September 19, 2018
    The River Fire, part of the Mendocino Complex Fire, burned more than half of the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center in July 2018.

    California is a place forged by fire, and its fierce fire-fighting policies are creating fuel-filled landscapes that will burn hotter and faster than ever, reported Lisa M. Krieger in the San Jose Mercury News. "Unless we change course, we'll never work...

  • Dogs enlisted to sniff out disease in citrus trees

    Added September 18, 2018
    The USDA has trained dogs to detect huanglongbing disease in Florida. (Photo: USDA)

    The Citrus Research Board is arranging to bring specially trained dogs to the UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center to test their ability to sniff out the devastating citrus disease huanglongbing, reported Bob Rodriguez in the Fresno Bee. CRB...

  • UC Master Gardener program arrives in Stanislaus County

    Added September 17, 2018
    Since the UC Master Gardener program's inception, more than 5 million hours of volunteer service have been donated.

    UC Cooperative Extension in Stanislaus County is launching its first UC Master Gardener program to extend research-based gardening assistance and information to county residents, reported John Holland in the Modesto Bee. “Our goal is to encourage...

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