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Updates on agriculture and natural resource topics from the Sierra Foothills
by Charles A Raguse
on September 22, 2013 at 7:28 AM
It is very heartening to read this post. There may still be a bright future for the SFREC. a careful reading of the three "intended outcomes" places emphasis on restoring the faded capability of the "Station" as an active, productive, and forward-looking field research facility, i.e., one that will lend credibility to the promise of "A compelling contribution...", "A tool to promote...", and "An enhanced awareness...". The folks who will attend the forum to be held in February 2014 need to actually see that the SFREC can, in short, deliver on its promises.  
Kudos to Maddison Easley! I hereby cast my vote for her as future Director of the SFREC! Or, at very least, Superintendent! Keep it going, Maddison. We need you!
by Charles A Raguse
on September 22, 2013 at 9:57 AM
More on this post: I am trying to figure out who is that dude standing down by the Yuba taking notes on something. Could be there is a salmon run, and he is counting them as they head up the river to spawn. (Greg Pasternack might know who he is, as Greg does research on the salmon redds on the river). Looks like there's a cold breeze coming up the canyon (note the ruffles on the water and how that loose sheet on the salmon run counter's clipboard is curling up). Time to head up to the Pavilion and warm up by the fireplace!
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