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by susan
on January 25, 2017 at 11:06 PM
Hi, are you sure that the term "disinfectants" are included as one of the reduced risk pesticide products? Disinfectants are currently registered as pesticide products and required to be reported since 2000. Am I mistaken? Is the term anti-microbials from the law? Disinfectants are considered antimicrobials. Maybe you mean to just say hand sanitizers that contain ethyl alcohol? Thank you in advance for clarification of your statement below:  
Some pesticide products are exempt from the IPM plan, notification, posting, recordkeeping, and reporting* requirements of the HSA at school sites. These are reduced-risk pesticide products, and their use is encouraged at schools if pesticides are deemed necessary. These include:  
Self-contained baits or traps  
Gels or pastes used indoors in cracks and crevices  
Antimicrobials, including sanitizers and disinfectants  
Pesticides exempt from registration, such as food grade oils
by Cheryl Reynolds
on January 26, 2017 at 11:37 AM
Hi Susan,  
You are correct in saying that disinfectants are registered pesticides and are antimicrobials. However, disinfectants are included in the list of pesticide products that are exempt from most of the requirements of the Healthy Schools Act. The reason that they are exempt is because they are used for health and safety purposes. If a school employee uses these products, they do not have to add them to the IPM plan, notify, post, report, or keep records. However, anyone using these at a school site must take the annual training required by the HSA. Disinfectants or other registered pesticides are NOT exempt from the training requirement.  
The use of hand sanitizers actually does not fall under this new requirement. As they are applied on the human body and not on an object such as a desk or countertop, the training requirement wouldn't apply.  
If you are a licensed pest management professional and report these as part of your work, that would not change. You would continue to report as you normally do.  
Here is a little more information on antimicrobials and the Healthy Schools Act from the Department of Pesticide Regulation website.  
I hope this helped clarify a little.  
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