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Happenings in the insect world
by Revealing
on February 24, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Apparently, a monk who had been a bee keeper at an abbey for 40 years claims he had been collecting 100 gallons of honey a week until cell phone towers were constructed on the back of the property. Within weeks all of his bees died until he discovered a small area near the base of a hill where he could not get service. Once he moved his hives to that that particular area, the bees once again began to thrive and reproduce.  
Is it possible that Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is created by the micro-wave frequency omitted by cell-phone towers? Apparently, when a cell-phone is placed within a hive, the queen either dies or moves. Research also demonstrates that bees do not come within a mile or so of cell-phone/WIFI towers.  
If this is the case will people be willing to give up their cell-phones, and will cell-phone providers, making billions each year from their service be willing to prevent the devastation of our food chain? Apparently, there is more to the cell-phone micro-wave frequency than most are willing to realize;
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