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by Steve I Morse
on August 12, 2017 at 7:24 PM
Interesting... I need to find the first interview and read...  
I do have some peripheral experience in groundwater management so to me SGMA will be an interesting "exercise".... long, long overdue in California... and of course in the background I continually hear Mark Twain's words of wisdom about California's water..."Whiskey is for drinking... water is for fighting"... or something like that.  
I will be looking for more on this subject... as I believe this topic as well as GMOs are well within the future of Master for the Paso Robles area, I spent many hot summers Army training at adjacent Camp Roberts 30-50 years ago... it appears that the grass lands below King City are now long gone to the irrigated vineyards in case we are wondering where some of the water went to... and I also expect that the Salinas River is even more "underground" than it was then  
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