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What's the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement, and how can I avoid them? Stephen Barnett  
How do I turn off the field shading and gridlines in the Word templates of the letterhead? Cynthia Kintigh  
Is there an OSHA regulation that an eyewash station must be within a specific distance from the chemical storage? David Alamillo  
Are fire extinguishers required to be installed on forklifts, tractors, or other non-road vehicles? Thor Benzing  
Where can I download release forms? Michael Poe  
How do I get a UC Davis email account? Damon DiPietro  
An issue of liability has come up and we would like to know if we should continue to supply over the counter medications (i.e. Tylenol, aspirin, etc.) in our First Aid kits? David Alamillo  
Migrating from Eudora to Outlook Damon DiPietro  
What chemicals need to be on the chemical inventory list? For which chemicals do I need an MSDS? Does this include bottles of household cleaning supplies kept in an office? Thor Benzing  
When do I need to use a Release Form? Michael Poe  
How long do we need to keep a copy of training records? David Alamillo  
I have heard that CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) classes will only be teaching chest compressions procedures, instead of mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing. Is this correct? David Alamillo  
We are planning to purchase a portable eyewash, can you recommend a model? David Alamillo  
How can I download an ANR eBook for my e-reader device? Jim Coats  
How do I contact somebody about the images that appear in the ANR Repository? Michael Poe  
Who calibrates and tests the fume hoods in our laboratory? In-house test technician or outside vendor contractor? How often do they need to be tested? David Alamillo  
Software - Where and How to Get It Damon DiPietro  
Who are the Associate Editors for UC ANR Communication Services, and what do they do? Jim Coats  
When do employees who work with pesticides need medical monitoring (blood testing for cholinesterase levels)? David Alamillo  
What size are images in the ANR Repository? Michael Poe  
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