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Title Totally impermeable film (TIF) reduces emissions in perennial crop fumigation
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Abstract Many perennial nursery fields and replanted orchards and vineyards in California are treated with preplant soil fumigants to control soilborne pests. In annual crops, such as strawberry, covering fumigated fields with totally impermeable film (TIF) has shown promise in controlling emissions and improving fumigant distribution in soil. The objective of this research was to optimize the use of TIF for perennial crops via three field trials. TIF reduced peak emission flux and cumulative emissions by > 90% relative to polyethylene tarp during a 2-week covering period. After the TIF was cut, emissions were greatly reduced compared to when tarps were cut after 6 days. TIF maintained higher fumigant concentrations under tarp and in the soil than polyethylene film. The results indicate that TIF can increase fumigation efficiency for perennial crop growers.

Gao, Suduan
Research Soil Scientist
Hanson, Bradley D. : B.D. Hanson is UC Cooperative Extension Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Qin, Ruijun : R. Qin is Project Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Cabrera, Jose : J. Cabrera is Research Scientist, Bayer CropScience, Fresno
Gerik, James S. : J.S. Gerik is Research Plant Pathologist, WMRU, USDA-ARS, Parlier
Wang, Dong

Browne, Greg T.
USDA Research Plant Pathologist
Soil-borne diseases of fruit and nut trees and other horticultural crops
Publication Date Oct 1, 2013
Date Added Apr 2, 2014
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Copyright Year 2013

Three field trials make a case for TIF use in preplant fumigation of perennial crops.

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