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Title Recycled water causes no salinity or toxicity issues in Napa vineyards
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In response to Napa Sanitation District's interest in expanding its delivery of recycled water to vineyards for irrigation, we conducted a feasibility study to assess the suitability of the water for this use. We adopted two approaches: comparing the water quality characteristics of the recycled water with those of other local sources of irrigation water, and evaluating soil samples from a vineyard that was irrigated for 8 years with the recycled water. Results indicate that the quality of the recycled water is suitable for irrigation, and also that long-term accumulation of salts and toxic ions have not occurred in the vineyards studied and are unlikely to occur. Nutrients in the recycled water may be beneficial to vineyards, though the levels of nitrogen may need to be reduced by planting cover crops in some vineyards.

Weber, Edward : E. Weber (deceased) was UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor, Napa County
Grattan Dr, Stephen R
CE Plant-water Specialist
Irrigation water management, crop-water management, salinity effects on plants, toxic element accumulation in crops
Hanson, Blaine R
CE Irrigation and Drainage Specialist
Drainage; wells and pumps; micro-irrigation, sprinkler irrigation; furrow irrigation, border and basin irrigation, irrigation scheduling; salinity; soil moisture sensors
Vivaldi, Gaetano A. : G.A. Vivaldi is Visiting Scientist, Department of Agriculture-Environmental and Land Science, University of Bari, Italy
Meyer, Roland D
CE Soils Specialist Emeritus
Soil fertility-plant nutrition, efficiency of fertilizer use, pollution of environment by waste products and fertilizers, application of fly ash and other wastes on forest and agricultural lands, water quality evaluation and concerns, soil-water-plant nutrient interactions and their effect on plant growth
Prichard, Terry
CE Irrigation  Water Management Specialist
Irrigation water management, crop response to limited water supplies, water infiltration, Delta water quality and soil salinity issues
Schwankl, Larry J. : L.J. Schwankl is UCCE Irrigation Specialist, UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Parlier, CA.
Publication Date Jul 1, 2014
Date Added Jul 11, 2014
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Treated wastewater proves suitable for irrigation in the Carneros and MST regions, although its nitrogen content may concern some growers.

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