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Title EXCLUDING PESTS AND PATHOGENS: Plant health: How diagnostic networks and interagency partnerships protect plant systems from pests and pathogens
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Early detection and rapid response are crucial in any effort to reduce the risk of new and emerging biological threats to crops and other plant resources. This underscores the importance of having the necessary diagnostic expertise, infrastructure and resources in place. Three programs — the National Plant Diagnostic Network, the National Clean Plant Network and the Citrus Clonal Protection Program — illustrate how accurate and rapid diagnosis plays a critical role in providing healthy plants for growers and in securing production systems for food and fiber. These three programs depend on statewide, regional and national networking among university, state and federal scientists, regulatory officials and industry members to help mitigate the impacts of plant pests and diseases.

Bostock, Richard M
Professor   Plant Pathologist-AES
Physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of host-pathogen interaction; diseases of fruit and nut crops
Thomas, Carla

Diagnostics, Regulatory and University Liaison, emergency response
Hoenisch, Richard
Analyst III
Golino, Deborah A
CE Specialist   Director   Foundation Plant Services   Plant Pathology Department
Virus diseases of horticultural crops and nursery clean stock programs
Vidalakis Dr, Georgios
Professor & UC Extension Specialist in Plant Pathology - Director, Citrus Clonal Protection Program (CCPP)
Graft-transmissible diseases of citrus diagnosis and therapy & Citrus germplasm.
Publication Date Oct 1, 2014
Date Added Mar 31, 2015
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Regional alliances of federal, state and university plant diagnostic labs work together to identify, control disease spread.

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