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Title UC Cooperative Extension works with fire safe councils to reduce wildfires
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In Plumas, Butte and Yuba counties, UC Cooperative Extension advisors have collaborated with fire safe councils to mitigate the risk of wildfire in local communities. They have determined the educational needs within the communities, obtained grant funding and worked collaboratively with the councils to deliver education and applied research programs that have helped homeowners and landowners take action to reduce their vulnerability to the risk of wildfires. Home structures have been modified to improve their fire resistance, fuel reduction programs have been adopted by local communities and maintained, communities have been mapped for evacuation plans and fuel breaks have been constructed on private and public forestland. Several wildfires, including the Marysville fire in 2006 and the Yuba fire in 2009, were slowed or stopped because of measures taken, showing the value of investment in pre-fire planning and actions.

Nader, Glenn A
Farm Advisor   Livestock and Natural Resources, Emeritus
Livestock, forage crops, range and natural resources
De Lasaux, Michael
Natural Resources Advisor
Forestry, Community Fuel Reduction and Watershed Management
Publication Date Jan 1, 2015
Date Added Apr 30, 2015
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The collaborative partnership has improved fire safety in fire-prone Plumas, Butte and Yuba county communities and stopped major wildfires.

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