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Title UCCE efforts improve quality of and demand for fresh produce at WIC A-50 stores
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In 2005, the Institute of Medicine recommended major revisions in the food packages provided by the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), leading to new regulations that allow participants to purchase a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with their vouchers. In support of this policy change, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension (UCCE) developed educational materials to promote fresh produce among WIC participants and offered postharvest handling training at WIC-only stores, known as A-50 vendors, in order to improve produce quality. A survey conducted after the educational sessions found that WIC participants had increased knowledge of produce and A-50 vendors showed improved postharvest handling after the education sessions. This research demonstrates that combining nutrition education with postharvest handling curriculum can lead to a successful educational program that supports increased demand among WIC participants for fresh produce.

Kaiser Dr, Lucia L
CE Nutrition Specialist
Acculturation and dietary changes; ethnic food habits (particularly Latino); child feeding practices; evaluation of nutrition education
Lamp, Cathi
Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor , Emeritus
Nutrition, food safety, food access, nutrition education, nutrition monitoring
Ganthavorn, Chutima
Nutrition Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor
Farfan-Ramirez, Lucrecia
Community health and nutrition, youth nutrition
Behar, Maya

Community Nutrition
Cantwell, Marita
CE Vegetable Specialist
Postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables.
Hardesty, Shermain D.
Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Theory, Management and Finance, and Food Marketing Systems
Publication Date Apr 1, 2015
Date Added Jun 24, 2015
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UCCE trainings and educational materials led to increased knowledge of fresh produce among WIC participants and A-50 store employees.

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