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Title California's agricultural regions gear up to actively manage groundwater use and protection
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New regulations are emerging in response to historic groundwater depletion and widespread groundwater quality degradation in California. They aim at long-term preservation of groundwater resources for use in agriculture, in urban areas and for the support of ecosystems in streams dependent on groundwater. The regulations are driving a historic shift in the way the agriculture sector is engaged in managing and protecting groundwater resources in California. A review and synthesis of these recent regulatory developments — the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and new policies under the California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act — clarifies key challenges for farmers, scientists and regulators and points to the need for continuing innovation in agricultural practices as well as in planning and policy.

Harter Dr, Thomas
Cooperative Extension Specialist
Flow and transport processes in groundwater and in the vadoze zone; non-point source pollution of groundwater; groundwater remediation; groundwater resources management; geostatistics; stochastic analysis; numerical modeling.
Publication Date Jul 1, 2015
Date Added Oct 12, 2015
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Copyright Year 2015

A historic shift is occurring in the way California agriculture is engaging in groundwater management and protection.

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