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Title Creatures in the Garden 28
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Photo Information Flower Fly CafeSpecializing in pollen and nectar cuisine Special of the day: Lyda Rose
Pelissero, Connie :
Date Added Jul 6, 2017
Description This photo was taken in my garden on May 8, 2017. Initially, I was taking pictures of my roses for our local rose photography show when I noticed this small insect flying around one of the blooms. I wanted to know what this was and perhaps through a photo I would be able to identify it. After I down loaded my photos I was amazed at what I saw... it became an extraordinarily personal moment for me. It was one of those WOW moments! Here was this beautiful creature of nature - a flower fly delicately holding onto the anthers of the Lyda rose for a mid-morning snack. I have since noticed many hover or syrphid flies in my garden and now I think I know why I have seen very few aphids in the garden this year. What a healthy balance of nature! Several years ago I transformed my garden into a habitat/pollinator friendly garden and have enjoyed thousands of hours observing the many diverse garden visitors.
Posted By Snowden, Lauren
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