UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit
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UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit

Day of Science and Service

On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Smith-Lever Act, which created the world’s first system connecting public higher education with citizen scientists in the pursuit of service to the land and its people. Smith-Lever was the beginning of the Cooperative Extension Service, which strongly tied service, science and citizen participation in scientific enterprises together.

To honor this tie between UC research and citizen science, we're asking all Californian's to become a scientist on May 8th and participate in a one-day science project.

Keep scrolling to find out more and to download resources to help you participate in the Day of Science and Service in your county. 

Not sure what the Day of Science and Service is all about? Need ideas? Watch the webinar below to learn more.

Partner Outreach

We're turning to our local county offices, RECs, and campuses to help conduct outreach and recruit their partners and community members to participate in the Day of Science and Service. To support you in this, we've put together a few outreach templates that you can use. 

Sample Outreach Email>>

Download a partner letter for those who already know us>>

Download a partner letter for those who don't already know us>>

Download an education partner letter for schools and teachers>>

Download our food lesson plans and fact sheets>>

Download our water lesson plans and fact sheets>>

Download our pollinator lesson plans and fact sheets>>

En Espanol

In order to help you be most effective in your outreach efforts, we've included a few Spanish language materials. Please use the materials and templates below to reach out to Spanish speaking audiences. 

Fact Sheets

Food Fact Sheet in Spanish>>

Water Fact Sheet in Spanish>>

Pollinator Fact Sheet in Spanish>>

Outreach Materials

Day of Science and Service Press Release in Spanish>>

Postcard in Spanish>>

Partner Letters

Education partner letter in Spanish>>

Partner letter for people who don't know us in Spanish>>

Partner letter for people who do know us in Spanish>>

Press Releases

General centennial press release in Spanish>>

Day of Science and Service press release in Spanish>>


Thanks to our statewide program staff, our county-based program reps will be receiving postcards as determined by the statewide programs. If you would like to order more postcards for your county, download the PDF below. You can send this to any vendor and they should be able to print the double-sided postcards for you.


Download a PDF version of this postcard>>


Need to print out an 8.5 x 11 flyer? Download this one. While it cannot be edited or altered, it's a great way to refer people to the website for May 8.

Download the flyer>>


This 23 x 29 in. poster is a great way to advertise Day of Science and Service at a local show, in your office lobby, or at an event. Print it on foam core and then mount on an easel, or print it on glossy paper to hang from a wall. You can use any print shop, including Kinko's. 

Be sure to tell your printer this document has bleeds (meaning the color runs to the end of the paper) and the document has crop marks (telling the printer where to cut the paper). 

Day of Science and Service Poster

Press Release Template

We're turning to you to help get the word out locally about our  May 8th Day of Science and Service. To help, we've put together a sample press release template that you can use to send to local media outlets. 

To use this template, download and open the document, update the press release to be specific for your county, and send it to your local media outlets. When sending be sure to include a brief email cover letter with the basics: who, what, when, where and why. It's also always good practice to follow up with the reporters a week or so after you send the press release, and make sure they received it and don't have any questions. 

If you need any help or guidance, please contact Pam Kan-Rice

Day of Science and Service Press Release Template

QR Code

Looking to add the QR code to your flyers or materials? Use the image to the right, or click on the link to download the .tiff file. 

Download the .tiff file>>

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