UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit
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UCCE Centennial Branding Toolkit

Sample County Events

What are other counties doing to celebrate?

UCCE Ventura and Hansen REC

On May 8, 2014, they are hosting a large event at the Hansen REC to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of UC Cooperative Extension with a full day of agricultural science activities for the entire community and will have people participate in the citizen science data collection. From 9am-11am they are hosting a preschool event. From 11am-2pm they will have school-age activities for school fieldtrips. From 2-5pm they will host a community open house inviting the public to come. From 5:30-8:00pm they will host a farmer/teacher dinner with a program of participatory science.  They will be inviting 100 local teachers and farmers for dinner in the barn with a brief program highlighting 100 years of UCCE, local farming and education with lightening rounds of discussion to echo the day of citizen science.

UCCE Humboldt and Del Norte

They will host two afternoon events on May 8th: one in Humboldt at a local farm, and one in Del Norte at a local school. At both they will have a series of mini educational workshops around May 8th themes. These will be advertised to the press to gain some media attention. Food will likely be served. At 6:00pm they will host a second event in Humboldt at the local fair grounds.  This event will allow people who could not break away from work for the noon event to join. They will invite local partners who helped participate in the data collection and use the opportunity to share the results of the day’s data collection with them. They will have two speakers, both local authors, to help bring in some additional general public audiences. The reception will include food. 

UCCE Los Angeles

Los Angeles County will host an "old county fair" themed celebration from 3:00-6:00pm on May 8th, coinciding with the Day of Science and Service. Guests will include program families and volunteers, partners, and county/city officials, and the event will provide an opportunity for outreach to new residents. They have secured the Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum as the location, free of charge, and plan to host workshops in nutrition, food preservation and gardening, as well as a tree walk on site. All of the county programs will be represented by a booth, and they will have special activities for kids, including 4-H animals on site. They plan to serve healthy "after-school snacks" as well as raffle items that represent their different programs.

UCCE El Dorado

On May 8th, they will be having an all day event. During the day, they will be working with 4-H youth to do a service activity in the community that is tied to the Day of Science and Service. The evening will consist of a social reception for 350 guests at the Smith Flat House in Placerville. VIP guests will be UCCE staff, volunteers, collaborators, government officials, dignitaries and supporters. The evening will start with a short program about UCCE, the history of UCCE, and the centennial. Publicity will include a proclamation from County Board of supervisors, display at Board of Supervisors, press releases, print invitations, social media alerts and newspaper articles.

UCCE Marin & Napa

Over the course of the year our respective programs will celebrate the Centennial at events and forums already scheduled. This includes having promotional items and educational materials relative to the Centennial available for access to participants and attendees. We will make purchases of promotional items and UC ANR Publications.

Events include:

  • Marin Farm Day on March 23rd
  • Marin Board of Supervisor Presentation on April 29th
  • Marin County Fair June 30th through July 4th
  • UC Marin Master Gardener Annual Meeting in Marin on May 8th
  • Public Seminars throughout the year; and other events.
  • Napa Farm Day on March 18
  • Napa Board of Supervisor Luncheon on May 12 celebrating the UCCE centennial
  • Napa County Fair in August
  • UC Napa Master Gardener Seminar March 27th
  • Napa Farm Bureau Dinner in November

UCCE Tulare  

The Tulare Farm Bureau is having their annual meeting for about 500 people on May 8th and they’ve committed to celebrating the UCCE centennial at their meeting. They will have a historic slide show, a historic timeline on the walls, and decorated tables. Tulare County is also planning a media blitz on that day for the Day of Science and Service, and they will incorporate it into the Farm Bureau dinner. They have started paving the way for high media coverage that day and have started writing a monthly column about the UCCE centennial in a local paper.

UCCE San Joaquin

The San Joaquin Farm Bureau will be honoring UCCE and the centennial at a dinner on April 11th. The UCCE county office is working with them to incorporate UCCE centennial branding in their event. On May 16th, they will be planning their own celebratory evening reception, starting around 6:00pm.

UCCE Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne

On May 8th, they will be participating and celebrating in the Day of Science and Service. This will involve their MG programs, nutrition programs and 4H programs. They are looking into having a county wide science fair on May 8th. In addition they will be hosting an evening centennial celebration in May or June to celebrate the centennial and recognize all of their volunteers, staff, programs and partners. The event will consist of a social reception for 300+ guests. VIP guests will be UCCE staff (past and present), volunteers, collaborators, government officials, dignitaries & supporters. The event will start with a short program about UCCE, the history of UCCE, and the centennial. Publicity will include a proclamation from County Board of supervisors, display at Board of Supervisors, press releases, print invitations, social media alerts and newspaper articles. They will also be using the funds to do a number of marketing efforts including a banner in town, numerous promotional items, and a booth at numerous events throughout the year.

UCCE San Diego

They are planning a carnival at the county employee campus for several thousand county employees during lunch-time on May 8th. They will have different activities and tables set up, and will be distributing information about UCCE and what we do. They will also incorporate the Day of Science and Service questions. They would also like to plan a research symposium in September, bringing together UC specialists, advisors, and industry professionals.

UCCE Humboldt and Del Norte

Each county will have a day of activities and local events to encourage participation in the Day of Science and Service data collection on May 8th. That evening they will have one evening event to gather their partners and stakeholders together and unveil the outcomes of Day of Science and Service, and share what we’ve learned and the success of the event.

UCCE Orange & South Coast REC

On May 8th, they will plan Day of Science and Service activities. On September 27th, they are planning a large open house style event celebrating the centennial for hundreds of community members and stakeholders.  

UCCE San Francisco, San Mateo

On May 8th, their 4-H and Nutrition reps will be promoting Day of Science and Service activities. In September, they are planning their own all-night bioblitz. They day will include a day-long species count, and an all-night sleepover at Elkus Ranch. The event will be open to the public, and their UC specialists and advisors will be involved.  

UCCE Stanislaus

They are hosting a centennial carnival on May 10th focusing on UCCE history. They plan on having "back of the wagon" talks. All of the advisors are going to be giving short updates and workshops. They are also going to have live music and dancing.


Kern County plans to have centennial signage around the county, at the office and for meetings. They are recruiting local schools to participate in May 8th by providing information and lesson plans through the Superintendent of Schools and directly to schools. In August 2014, when the first advisor began in Kern County, they will receive a resolution with the Board of Supervisors, host an Open House at the office, and hold a 100 year farm and ranch family recognition dinner.

UCCE Sacramento

They’ve reserved the morning of Saturday, June 14, for an organization wide open house and field day at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center.  This was an already-scheduled “open garden” sponsored by the Master Gardeners, but it will have an extended audience as Master Food Preservers give demonstrations, nutrition educators provide information on healthy living, 4-H members share their science and garden projects, and students from their 4-H Water Wizards project in after school programs share what they’ve learned about water conservation and non-source point pollution.  They’ll invite their Board of Supervisors and community partners and are putting a media plan in place.

UCCE Butte

On May 15, they will be hosting a BBQ dinner to recognize the centennial at the Patrick Ranch Agricultural History Museum in Chico. The dinner will be for Ag and community leaders and supporters.

UCCE Santa Barbara

Hosting a 4.5-hour event for growers and PCAs on March 26, and incorporating the UCCE centennial through banners, logo items, and a speech from the CD about the centennial and history of UCCE.

UCCE Riverside

UCCE Riverside will be planning a research symposium, similar to what UCCE Ventura did. They plan to include UC specialists, industry professionals, and advisors.

UCCE Alameda

Some of their program reps, educators and volunteers will be participating in a May 8th event held at UCOP.

UCCE Merced

On April 8th, the Merced County Board of Supervisors will be presenting UCCE with formal recognition. The County Director and several retirees will be present. They are also planning activities and outreach for the May 8th Day of Science and Service. 

UCCE Mariposa

They are planning an open house event on May 8th.


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